3 people trapped in elevator harnessed and rescued by SCDF

Three people trapped in an elevator at No 1 Woodlands Road were rescued by officers from the Singapore Civil Defense Force. (PHOTOS: SCDF)

SINGAPORE – Three people trapped in a lift at Woodlands have been rescued and brought to safety by a team of officers from the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF).

On Tuesday, SCDF said in a Facebook post that it received a call for help at 5.10pm at No 1 Woodlands Road.

Upon arrival, SCDF officers found an elevator stuck between the 2nd and 4th floors – it does not serve the 3rd floor – and three people were trapped inside.

Rescuers from the elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) were activated for the operation as power could not be restored to the elevator.

“The DART rescuers set up a pulley and rope rescue system on the 4th floor. This allowed two rescuers to rappel into the lift shaft, access the lift through an access hatch,” SCDF said.

Each trapped person was strapped into a life-saving harness and egressed from the elevator using a ladder. A portable, battery-powered device called the Power Ascender was then used to lift each of the trapped people to safety.

The three trapped people were examined by an SCDF ambulance team for injuries after the rescue and refused to be taken to hospital.

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