A cop crosses a frozen lake to save a dog in a breathtaking video

A Labrador Retriever named Kona gave a warm welcome to a police officer who crossed thin ice in a lake to rescue the 10-month-old pup from freezing water.

Video posted online by the Lewiston, New York, police department on Jan. 5 shows Officer Jonathan Smith coaxing the dog out of the water and back onto the ice at Bond Lake, where he runs to meet his owner. The dog had been trapped in the water about 50 meters from the shore

“Without hesitation, [Smith] removed his gear and entered after him, bringing him safely ashore and reuniting him with his owner,” the Lewiston Police Department said in a message accompanying the video.

“By the way,” they joked, “we gave it a 6 out of 10 landing at first, but a 10 out of 10 for rescue.”

On January 6, the Lewiston Police Department released an update: a E-mail from the previous night addressed to Police Chief Frank Previte by the owner of the dog.

“A friend and I were walking our dogs off leash (guilty and remorseful) in Bond Lake Park. He’s a 10 month old lab and usually stays close to the senior dog, but the instincts kicked in when a flock of geese landed in the middle of the lake,” the email reads.

Labrador retriever named Kona washed up in freezing water after chasing a flock of geese.
Lewiston/Zenger Police Department screenshot

“The afternoon took a horrific turn when Kona took off and ran…on the ice and fell where the ice ended and the water started. Although she was a good swimmer, she there was no chance of her getting back on the ice. , and she started to panic and get tired quickly. Instead of her being so far away, our remote location, the unpredictability of the ice (… I could see through) and the fact that I had recently had back surgery, I called 911 and asked for the local fire department ice rescue team.

“Kona had already been in the water for 10-15 minutes and very tired when three officers from your department arrived on the scene, one being Officer Jon Smith. Without hesitation and without any lifesaving equipment, Officer Jon Smith took off his vest and gun belt and cautiously made his way across the ice, monitoring the condition as he went.It wasn’t near the shore rescue…she was far from the He was able to get close enough to grab the 75-pound Kona and pull her to safety.

“Kona, I and everyone who loves her are extremely grateful for her selflessness and courage,” the owner wrote in the email. “You should be proud to have Officer Jon Smith as a member of the Lewiston Police Department. His professionalism and bravery is to be applauded. … Kona and I will be heading to the police station soon to once again thank the Officer Smith for outstanding service.”

After running after a flock of geese, the 10-month-old Labrador got stuck in freezing water. Above, a file image shows a Labrador sitting in the park.
sanjagrujic/Getty Images

It just so happens that the department recently recognized Smith for his bravery. In October 2021, he rescued an elderly resident from her burning home. She couldn’t get out before the firefighters arrived.

In an October 6 message, the Lewiston Police Department said: “Of course he was trying to keep this to himself but it didn’t work as we have a lot of gossip stories in our ranks. Great job, Officer Smith! You even made the firefighters jealous.”

After the dog was rescued from the frozen lake, the department said: “Well folks, he did it again. After receiving a department award for pulling a woman from a burning house, this time he was a four-legged friend.”

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.