A mountain rescue team called the Gisburn Forest cycle paths twice in one afternoon

Mountain rescue teams were called twice in one day, to the same location for similar aids.

On Sunday, volunteers from the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team were mobilized twice on the Gisburn Forest cycle paths within three hours.

The first call came just after noon from the ambulance service, who enlisted the help of volunteers to rescue a man who had fallen while cycling the trails.

A spokesperson for the mountain rescue team said: “The incident happened as he was descending ‘Hully Gully’ where he had fallen and landed heavily on his face and shoulder.

“The team arrived at the scene as the air ambulance crew arrived.

“He was treated for his injuries, then transported on a bell mountain rescue stretcher to the air ambulance for transport to the Royal Preston Hospital.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

As the group of volunteers made their way to the cafe for a drink, further help was sought after another man got off his bike in the forest and suffered lower leg injuries.

The spokesperson added: “As we were about to enjoy a beer at the Gisburn Forest Cafe, we were asked to witness a second incident in the forest where a young man had come off his bicycle and suffered injuries to the lower leg.

“These were treated by the team members, then he was transported in the family vehicle to be taken to the hospital for them to be checked.

“We wish both victims a speedy recovery and hope they will be back in the forest very soon.”

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