A prisoner threatens to commit suicide on top of a tree and falls into a rescue net

By Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A Kottayam native, who is serving a life sentence at Poojapura Central Jail, has created fear by raising a suicide threat after climbing a tree on Tuesday. Subhash, who was convicted of murder, gave the slip to prison officials as they took him out for office-related matters and climbed the tree. Although prison officials tried to reason with him, he did not listen and demanded that he be allowed to speak to a judge and be released from prison. He also wanted to speak to the media and his family members.

Police, fire and rescue service personnel have been informed. The rescue team spread a net above the ground to catch Subhash in case he jumped. Two of them also climbed the tree to talk to Subhash and this exercise lasted about two hours. Subhash was unwilling to give in to their demands and climbed higher up the tree.

The branch he stepped on broke under his weight and he fell into the rescue net which was thrown wide awaiting his fall. He was taken to hospital. His condition is said to be normal. Prison officials said Subhash was on parole during Covid. He did not return in time and was arrested and brought back. The prison sources said Subhash has been exhibiting mental issues lately.