A teenager, trying to save a cat, gets stuck in a tree; rescued by firefighters

It’s no secret that cats love high vantage points. The preference for a relatively safe height inaccessible to their predators comes from an instinctive need to protect themselves. However, curiosity often gets the better of these felines.

Recently, a cat perched so high in a tree that a person trying to rescue he had to be rescued himself in IndianaWE.

Owen, the 17-year-old human, spotted the cat 35 feet above the ground on a branch at Holiday Park in Indianapolis and put his body and life on the line to bring him back to safety. However, the teenager had not taken into account the challenges an untrained climber can face during the descent and ultimately had to be rescued by the firefighters.

“…he was trying to do a good deed and get the cat to safety after noticing him in the tree about 35 feet high. Although Owen had no trouble climbing the tree , its positioning did not allow for the same ease of descending,” the Indianapolis Fire Department said in a Facebook post.

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The firefighters had initially dispatched a classic rescue team equipped with an aerial ladder. However, they realized the ground was too soft to support, let alone support, a heavy vehicle. This resulted in a very complex and sophisticated rescue operation involving a specialized team.

This included climbing the tree with a ladder, attaching the ropes, cutting a small branch to gain access to Owen’s side and securing him. The teenager was eventually lowered from what appears to be a pulley.

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After medical examination, Owen was found to be fine except for a few scratches. However, there was no attempt to save the cat.

“The cat seemed to enjoy the fuss but literally made no effort to get down from the tree,” the IFD said.

It was confirmed on Monday that the cat’s owner had hired a private company to do the job, according to a report by The Associated Press.

The fire crew received high praise for their service, but people criticized them for their apathy towards the feline, considering they had all the resources.

However, cats are gifted with physical reasoning and that’s probably why the rescuers left him in his view.