Arborist called to save cat ends up being rescued by firefighters

A TREE surgeon who was called in to rescue a cat ended up being rescued by firefighters after becoming trapped on a roof.

Basim Hashmi called the arborist at his home in win bridgePerthshire on Sunday when his beloved moggy Toby got stuck on top of their house.

The 32-year-old was shocked, however, when the arborist also got stuck on the steep roof of the building after his previous knee injury had him immobilized.

The arborist called on courier Basim to help him, but after struggling to get him off the roof, a neighbor called the fire department.

Several firefighters from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service arrived soon after and rescued the helpless worker using a ladder.

However, the ladder was not long enough to rescue Toby, a two-year-old rag doll, from the top of the building, so firefighters had to call for reinforcements.

The feline friend was finally retrieved safely after the second fire engine used a cherry picker to reach him.

Basim posted the video to TikTok on Tuesday, writing, “We hired an arborist to save our cat but he got stuck on the roof with the cat.

“The firefighters arrived to help.

The video has gained over 186,000 views and thousands of likes from social media users.

Toby spent the night on the roof before Basim heard him meow.

Many viewers laughed at the tree surgeon who managed to get stuck in the first place.

A viewer said, “He should stick to the trees!”

Another wrote: “Tree Surgeon from Wish”.

A third added: “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly…”

A fourth commented: “Climbing a roof not a tree.”

As a bewildered person asked, “How does an arborist get stuck?”

Speaking today, Basim said: “Our cat likes to chase birds and he managed to climb onto the roof through our window and he got stuck.

“He was right on the edge but I think he got scared.

“I finally contacted an arborist who came to help us.

“He tied himself to a railing inside the house and climbed out the window and informed us that he had injured his knee a few days before and could not get up or down.

“It was a bit of a puzzle.

Toby is saved
Toby while being rescued from the roof.

“I think a neighbor called the fire department to help as they came out of nowhere.

“They got a big ladder and brought him down, but didn’t have a ladder long enough to get Toby down.

“They phoned another engine that had a boom lift and they arrived about 20 minutes later and managed to get it down.

“We were quite shocked, we just wanted our cat back, we didn’t want him to be scared.

“It was quite emotional, it was kind of like a movie where you have a climax and then a happy ending at the end.”

Speaking today, a spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘We were alerted at 1.48pm on Sunday May 15 to reports of someone in difficulty at Elm Court, Bridge of Earn.

“Operations control mobilized a fire apparatus and high-rise vehicle and firefighters assisted a man and a cat from the roof of a three-story building.”