Arsonists set fire to an abandoned building in Crewe near the town center | Local News | New

The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to a fire in an abandoned building in Crewe – believed to have been deliberately reignited.

The incident on Electricity Street was reported at 8.32pm last night (August 30).

Two Crewe fire engines rushed to the scene – putting out the deliberate blaze.

The arson attack occurred near the disused Crewe Electricity Works building. (Wikimedia Commons).

A spokesperson for Cheshire Fire and Rescue said: “Water backpacks were used by firefighters to put out a fire inside a disused building on Electricity Street.

“They believe the fire was set deliberately, so they asked the police to be present.”

This year, arson attacks on the disused building on Electricity Street have become commonplace.

In July Crewe firefighters arrived to discover a deliberate fire involving a large number of pallets.

A month earlier in June, firefighters had been called to a small arson at the same site.

Police have been notified of all arson attacks at the derelict building in Electricity Street (Cheshire Constabulary).

Each time the building has been targeted, the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has contacted Cheshire Police to investigate.

Currently, there have been no arrests related to any of the Crewe building arson attacks.

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