Ban on rescue dogs from over 100 countries goes into effect

It’s been a busy summer for Canadian rescue organizations rushing to bring in dogs ahead of the September 28 ban, the same day as World Rabies Day.

To reduce the risk of canine rabies, the federal government announced in June that it would ban the importation of commercial dogs from 100 countries, including India, Egypt, the Philippines, China, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Golden Rescue Canada

“Rabies is over 99% fatal to humans and dogs once they begin to show symptoms and is nearly 100% preventable with proper animal vaccination,” the statement read. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). “The importation of a single rabid dog could lead to its transmission to humans, pets and wildlife. If a person is exposed, they should undergo serious medical treatment.”

Organizations like Golden Rescue Canada (RCMP) say that while they understand the government’s decision, a blanket ban is simply not the solution. GRC co-chair Viive Tamm said they were devastated by the decision.

“Just because you have two kids talking in class doesn’t mean you’re punishing the whole class,” she told Daily Hive, adding that the dogs are fully vaccinated and tested.

Sam McElroy of the Soi Dog Foundation said he understood the government’s need to protect citizens and native animals. But rather than a ban, he hopes the government considers making rabies titration testing (RTT) mandatory before entry.

“A similar, albeit temporary, situation to forbid was introduced in the United States in July 2021, but has now been revised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to accommodate the same titer testing method successfully implemented in other first world countries,” McElroy said.

Organizations like Soi Dog Canada are also concerned that the breeding industry is stepping up efforts to fill Canada’s lack of pets in the wake of the ban.

“We know how unsanitary, inhumane and dangerous many of these puppy farms are,” McElroy said. “It would be much worse than healthy, pre-selected products dogs be imported into Canada.

In a September 26 Instagram post, RCMP said their latest rescues from Istanbul had arrived safely in Montreal.

“We hope this ban will be changed to allow us to continue saving these puppies before it’s too late,” the post read.

“Stopping good relief groups from doing fantastic work is really a punch in the gut because the Goldens out there are destined to die and suffer,” Tamm said. “Don’t punish us.