BBC News under fire for muddled messages on Covid restrictions

The BBC has come under fire for focusing on changes to the English-language lockdown rules on its Scottish news program last night.

Over the weekend, it was revealed that the UK government was set to remove all legal restrictions on Covid in England from July 19.

Community and Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick spoke about easing restrictions, saying wearing face masks would become voluntary as well as removing social distancing measures.

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This followed an article by new Health Secretary Sajid Javid in the Mail on Sunday detailing the changes Boris Johnson is expected to announce this afternoon.

The Scottish government has previously set its roadmap on pandemic restrictions, with Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon clarifying when things will change during coronavirus briefings.

The plan is to move all of Scotland to Level 0 on July 19, and then seek to ease all Covid restrictions from August 9.

Responding to the UK government’s revelation over the weekend, a Scottish government spokesperson said there would be a “continued need” for face coverings in areas like public transport and even retailing. after August 9.

Further guidance on what the plan will be from the August date will be produced by the end of this month.

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While mentioning the need to cover the face, Reporting Scotland focused on the UK plan, suggesting Scotland follow suit in a “four nations approach”.

In the video below, part of the Reporting Scotland segment on mask wearing is followed by the 10-piece BBC News which focuses on changes to England’s restrictions.

The Scottish segment continues to hear from Jillian Evans, head of health intelligence at NHS Grampian, who said that a “four nation approach” to lifting the restrictions makes things easier for people to understand.

This is something the UK government has been calling for despite the different levels of cases in different regions and the need to deal with the virus.

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The 10-room BBC News takes one sentence to mention decentralized nations, with Chris Mason saying “separate decisions will be made” in these areas.

The Reporting Scotland segment has been described as “causing confusion” and undermining the Scottish Government message due to the emphasis on English changes and the UK Government message.

Twitter users weren’t surprised by the confusion, with many saying it was something they expected from the BBC.

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