Bexhill Wildlife Rescue Group accuses council of ‘cruelty’ over decision to use rat poison

The authority closed gardens in Marina on the seafront last month after rats were seen scurrying through the area.

The move came after residents opposite called for action.

But Bexhill & Hastings Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary criticized the council, saying the decision to use rat poison put wildlife at risk.

Gardens on Marina, Bexhill, closed due to rat treatment.

Will Larkin, from the band, said: “Earlier this year a wildflower garden was planted on Bexhill seafront. It was beautiful and quickly attracted all kinds of wildlife. “However, some residents have complained that wildlife are using the garden and the council has responded by fencing it off and distributing poison everywhere with warning signs advising ‘treatment’ targeting our highly intelligent and misrepresented brown rat.

“The fact is that the overwhelming majority of our rat population in the UK is healthy and plays a very important role in our local ecosystem. “They use poison because it’s easy to place and doesn’t take as much work; but it is one of the most inhumane and cruel ways to kill them. Wild animals endure up to five days of constant suffering; severe headaches, dizziness, lack of coordination and then relentless pain as their body begins to bleed from the inside. often be overtaken by those higher up the food chain. The poison used, difencoum, is one that can poison animals that eat a poisoned victim, with birds of prey and cats being most at risk due to their smaller body masses. are taking appropriate action to control rodent activity near the seafront at Bexhill and our environmental health team continues to monitor the situation.

“The public is again reminded not to leave food in this area which will attract rats, and residents and visitors are especially urged not to feed wild birds.”

Gardens on Marina, Bexhill, closed due to rat treatment.