Border Collie a Hero, ‘True Lassie’ at the Man Who Well 70 feet in the Tahoe National Forest

A man’s Border Collie acted like a ‘true Lassie’ after falling 70ft in a remote section of the Tahoe National Forest last week and the animal helped lead a search and rescue team to him, authorities said.

The 53-year-old believed he broke his hip and ribs after falling on the night of July 12, NBC affiliate KCRA of Sacramento reported.

According to KCRA and the sheriff’s search and rescue team.

Saul, the border collie hero dog.Nevada County Sheriff Search and Rescue via Facebook

“Some researchers thought they heard a voice screaming, but they couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” said Sgt. Dennis Hack told KRCA.

The team contacted the man’s cellphone and spoke to a friend to try to determine his location, the station reported.

That’s when the man’s dog, Saul, came racing through the woods and led the team back to his owner, according to KCRA and the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team.

“Real credit goes to subject’s K9 Border Collie who walked about 200 yards through the forest and in true ‘Lassie’ fashion to point out two searchers,” the team said in a Facebook post.

Rescue team members gather at a helicopter.
Rescue team members gather at a helicopter.Nevada County Sheriff Search and Rescue via Facebook

The team found the man under a camouflage tarp, the post said. He was taken by helicopter to be treated for traumatic injuries, the station reported.

“Excellent work and skill from everyone involved today and for the Border Collie he was brought back to Grass Valley and given a well deserved dinner,” the post read.