Bucks named one of the UK’s worst areas for outdoor barbecue fires

Results collected and evaluated by Confused.com named Bucks the third-highest county in backyard fire rescues.

Bucks trailed only Bedfordshire and Inverclyde when it came to out-of-control outdoor fires.

Garden fires in Buckinghamshire have increased by an average of 11% each year for the past decade, the 16th highest increase of any area analysed.

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Bucks Fire and Rescue Service

Bedfordshire’s outdoor fire rate was by far the worst with 29 fires per 100,000 more reported than anywhere else.

Overall, 181 yard fire calls per 100,000 people occur in the county.

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In total, 1,230 garden fires were handled over this period, an increase of 4% per year on average.

Inverclyde, Scotland comes second, making it the only Scottish region to feature in the top 10.

Overall, the local fire authority has attended 152 garden fire calls per 100,000 residents over the past decade.

That’s 93 per cent more fires than West Dunbartonshire (79), Scotland’s second highest region, which ranks 11th overall.

Surrey ranks fourth, witnessing 107 garden fires per 100,000 people over the past decade. Compared to other regions in the top 10, this is only 25% less than the total number of incidents recorded in Buckinghamshire (144 per 100,000). It is also 40% less than the number of fires seen in Bedfordshire over the past 10 years (181 per 100,000).

When it comes to the average percentage increase in garden fires over the past decade, Hereford and Worcester have seen the largest increase at 24%. The rate of garden fires has also increased by 23% each year on average in Suffolk and 21% in Tyne and Wear.

Jessica Willock, home insurance consultant at Confused.com, said: “There are daily precautions so we can take while enjoying the warm weather. This includes :

· “Dispose of cigarettes appropriately.

· “If you are hosting a barbecue, make sure it is never left unattended. Barbecues should be installed on a flat surface, away from any trees, plants or sheds. We also recommend that you use barbecue fuel or approved fire starters – never paraffin.

· “Make sure there is no glass on the floor. Glass left on dry grass could start a fire by magnifying the sun.