Busy times for rescue teams and firefighters / Article

From June 22 to the early morning of June 27 at 6:30 a.m., the VUGD received 362 calls – 131 for firefighting, including four wildfires, 142 for rescue operations, while 89 calls turned out to be errors or hoaxes.

“The VUGD spent the holidays actively. A number of fires in residential houses were extinguished due to careless handling of the fire. Eight people were injured by the fire during these days, while one was killed. Three corpses were found in the water, and several rescue operations were carried out through on-water activities,” the VUGD said.

In total, the VUGD has now recorded 15 water deaths during this bathing season.

During the main Līgo night celebrations on June 23, several misleading calls were received. Of a total of 33 calls, more than half, 17 calls, were related to residents seeing smoke or the reflection of flames from St. John’s Day bonfires fearing a fire had started, so they called the fire department. In these cases, upon arriving at the scene, firefighters found that people had lit a traditional bonfire and there was no immediate danger.

VUGD staff members were also successful in rescuing people who got lost in the forest at Babite and Dunika.