Career accident in Tamil Nadu: a fourth body found under the rubble

The body of the last worker trapped under the rubble of a quarry accident in Tamil Nadu was found on Sunday evening. Of the six workers, four died.

The rescue team finally recovered the body of the last worker trapped under a rock in Tamil Nadu. (Photo: India Today)

After an eight-day battle, the rescue team finally recovered the body of the last worker trapped under a rock after rolling into the quarry pit on the night of May 14 in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

Rescue teams, including the National Disaster Response Force, were able to identify the body of the last worker, Rajendran, who was trapped under several rocks. It was dug up and brought to the surface.

A total of six men were trapped under a rock in a stone quarry. The huge boulders had also crushed the truck and the earth-moving machine the workers were driving.

Rescuers and residents were able to rescue workers Murugan and Vijay. The third worker, Selvan, was rescued on May 15 but died on the way to hospital.

After a 47-hour battle, the body of the fourth worker was also dug up and brought back. On May 18, Selvakumar’s body was recovered by rescue teams and taken out of the quarry.

NDRF teams had arrived at the scene but the rescue operations had encountered various difficulties due to continuous landslides in the area.

Meanwhile, the owner, Chamber Selvaraj, and his son Kumar, who were on the run, were arrested in Mangaluru.

Rescue teams had to use controlled explosions while ensuring that the shock waves did not lead to rockslides and were ultimately successful.