Caught in snowstorm, 3 Mumbai hikers die in Kinnaur district of Himachal

A group of 13 trekkers were traveling from the village of Janglik to Dodra Kwar in the Rohru subdivision to Sangla in the district of Kinnaur; 12 people came from Mumbai and one from Delhi

Three Mumbai-based hikers were killed after being caught in a snowstorm as they crossed the Barua Pass in Kinnaur district on Sunday.

The victims – Deepak Narayan 58; Rajendra Pathak 65; and Ashok Madhukar 64 – were part of a 13 member trekking group. Their companions were saved. A Prasad Manohar was injured by the cold, while those who were safely rescued are Rajneesh Kumar, Rakesh Sharma, Dhananjai Gavde, Pawan Kirtikar, Dhan Raj, Mahesh Hegde, Vishwas Adsug, Bhawna Deshmukh and Pradeep Roy from Delhi.

Hikers traveled from Janglik village to Dodra Kwar in Rohru subdivision to Sangla in Kinnaur district. The authorities were alerted around 4:30 p.m.

“A 13-member police team rescued four members around midnight, and it took another three hours to rescue the other six,” Kinnaur Police Commissioner Ashok Rattan said. Of the 13 hikers, 12 came from Mumbai and one from Delhi.

“A rescued hiker told us that three people died of hypothermia. However, due to heavy snowfall in the area overnight, rescuers were unable to reach the scene. The 10 rescued hikers were taken to Reckong Peo Hospital. A rescue team, including personnel from the Indo-Tibetan border police, was dispatched to recover the bodies, ”he said.

Kinnaur Deputy Commissioner Apporv Devgan urged tourists visiting Kinnaur to avoid visiting the heights in bad weather to avoid unfortunate situations and said the rain is causing stones to be thrown in some stretches and residents as well as tourists should only venture out when necessary.

Earlier, 11 hikers had disappeared after being caught in a snowstorm on their way to Chitkul. So far, seven bodies have been found, two hikers have been rescued, while two have still not been found.

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