Coniston Mountain Rescue Team helps walker with dislocated ankle on wet hill

RESCUE team responds to incident where man slipped and dislocated his ankle while working with friends

On Saturday September 25, CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) tasked the Coniston Mountain Rescue Team to rescue a walker who was descending Wetherlam Edge with a group of friends, when he slipped on a wet rock and dislocated ankle.

Two Land Rovers left for Tilberthwaite, followed by a third later. Once there, it was confirmed that the ankle had been reduced (returned to its natural position) by one of the participants who was a retired GP.

After relief from the pain, the ankle was shattered and the gentleman was stretched from the Edge to Birk Fell Hawse.

Helimed 58 had been called in for aerial assistance as it was a long stretcher brought back to Tilberthwaite, and the cloud had lifted somewhat. They were unable to land due to the difficult terrain so the team continued to descend. However, the helicopter managed to land further into the valley and they transferred the victim to them. He was taken to Carlisle Hospital where he was diagnosed with a dislocated fracture with a sprained tendons.

In the meantime, the marching group had been accompanied to Tilberthwaite and taken to their accommodation in Coniston.

A spokesperson for the team said: “We would like to thank the other members of the casualty team for their assistance, especially before our arrival, and the crew of Helimed 58, Great North Air Ambulance Service, for their persistence in finding a place to land under difficult conditions.

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