Council pledges to match government funding to help fire-ravaged Crannog center

Perth and Kinross Council pledged additional funding to help the fire-ravaged Scottish Crannog Center on the road to recovery.

A devastating fire in the center in June destroyed an iconic replica of the Iron Age house on the shores of Loch Tay, near Kenmore.

At a PKC committee meeting this week, councilors unanimously agreed to match the Scottish government funding given to the trust.

Confidence told the Perthshire Advertiser This latest £ 51,000 total support package from Perth Council and Kinross would allow them to advance their plans to move to a new location across Loch Tay.

Scottish Crannog Trust Director Mike Benson said: “We are extremely grateful to PKC for their continued support.

“This support will allow us to continue with our plans to move to our new site in Dalerb. “

PKC chief Murray Lyle and Highlands Perthshire Tory Councilor John Duff met Mr Benson and Scottish Crannog Center Trust chairman Nicholas Grant shortly after the fire.

Tory Leader Murray Lyle has pledged to see how the council can support confidence in his recovery.

At a meeting of the Policy and Strategic Resources Committee on September 1, members agreed to increase PKC support from £ 20,000 to £ 51,000, which is a similar donation from the Scottish government.

Moving a 2021/22 Budget Revenue Report Cllr Lyle told the committee: “Everyone will be aware of the devastating Crannog Center fire in Highland Perthshire earlier this year.

‘In view of this significant change in their situation and given that the Council has previously allocated £ 20,000 to the Crannog Center, I propose that we apply an additional £ 31,000 out of the total planned expenditure identified in this report to provide financial support additional at the Crannog Center.

“This sum corresponds to the amount requested by the president of the Crannog Center and will allow them to pursue their projects.

“It will help their recovery and help them become the world class visitor experience that we know it will be.”

Cllr Duff – who succeeded Cllr Lyle as chairman of this committee – is a director of the Scottish Crannog Center Trust.

The Highland Perthshire Councilor said: ‘The manager and staff worked tirelessly after the fire to get the Crannog Center to reopen and have done wonders, despite the devastating blow of the loss of the iconic reconstruction Iron Age crannog.

“However, the appalling loss of the crannog was the trigger to move plans for Dalerb’s new center to the other side of the water.

“I am delighted that the support from Perth and Kinross is helping the board take the next step to get there. “

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