David Tennant “Comes” Under Fan Pressure as Loki in Audible’s “The Sandman”

Doctor for some, demon and Death Eater for others, David Tennant can now cross the Norse God of Evil from his list of larger-than-life roles.

Tennant has joined the all-new “The Sandman: Act II”, Dirk Maggs’ second Audible Original audiobook adapting Neil Gaiman’s beloved graphic novel series, as Loki, Thor’s emotionally besieged brother and troublemaker. general.

“I didn’t really ask, but I imagine it was [Gaiman’s] idea, “the 50-year-old Scotsman, who previously starred in Amazon’s adaptation of the writer’s” Good Omens “, told the Daily News.

Having already met Maggs via Gaiman, the ‘The Doctor Who’ alum reflected, “There’s almost a kind of Neil Gaiman Repertory Company, kind of an extended repertory company. So I’m very happy to be part of it.

After all, the half-mythological, half-historical horror that is “The Sandman,” which is slated to be released on Netflix as a TV series soon, is “a pretty iconic thing, isn’t it? Tennant said.

The second installment of the dark and starry fantasy audio drama explores different periods of history such as Ancient Rome, the French Revolution and more. Among the stars featured are James McAvoy, Andy Serkis, Brian Cox, Rege-Jean Page, Emma Corrin, John Lithgow and Kevin Smith.

“What Neil did with the form and with this character cast a long shadow,” Tennant said. “Frankly, I would have been pretty bored if I hadn’t been asked.”

For the actor – who played villains in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” “Jessica Jones” and “Good Omens” – Loki’s often unsettling reputation might depend on “the point of view you had at it. era”.

“He’s forever in the shadow of his gifted brother, isn’t he?” I guess that’s pretty big in terms of psychology, ”Tennant said. “And if you throw that out for an eternity, it’s going to be hard to get over it.” You know, there are a lot of necessary therapies out there. And I’m not aware that he’s trying to improve. … I guess the question is whether it is destruction or self-destruction that he is practicing.

After all, Tennant said, it’s hard to fault Loki for causing trouble when he “kind of sees himself as the runt of the pack.”

“When you have Thor as a brother, it’s pretty hard to compete, I guess. Especially if you think you’re a lot smarter than him and no one else seems to agree with you, ”he said.

While Loki has been most often associated in recent years with portraying Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tennant makes the character his own.

“It looks like a different world or a different set of worlds,” he said. “It looks like a different reality. And it was interesting to play the Norse gods with Scottish accents. I found it to be a nice touch. So maybe it gives me some freedom to go my own way. “

So the man who was a demon in “Good Omens” and a Death Eater in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was happy to sink his teeth into the role.

“If the audio experience is your first experience with ‘Sandman’, how exciting it is to take this journey inside your own ears,” he said. “It will be spellbinding. It will be really exciting, confusing at times, but always confusing, but still extremely satisfying.


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