Don’t Donate to Florida ‘Fire Department’ Says ECFR:

Escambia Fire Rescue is warning residents of Escambia County, Florida that anyone soliciting donations for them over the phone is a con artist. But that’s a different story for the people of Alabama.

Depending on the county, they actually received a check for $ 35 over the weekend from a citizen who received a phone call from a lawyer asking for a donation of $ 35 or $ 100. The citizen stated that the person claimed that he belonged to the “fire services”.

The battalion commander on duty handed the check to the citizen at his residence and explained that the ECFR does not request any funds.

Escambia County Fire Rescue (Florida) said it will not solicit donations from residents.

“Sometimes other organizations, charities and nonprofits will be soliciting funds by phone or door to door,” Escambia County Deputy Fire Chief Paul Williams said. “These groups are not affiliated with ECFR and should be thoroughly researched by residents to determine if they wish to donate.”

However, officials in Escambia County, Alabama, want residents to know that their fire departments are still soliciting direct donations from residents of Escambia County, Alabama.

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