Dramatic rescue of Lizard lifeboat after motorboat hit rocks

The Lizard Lifeboat was involved in a dramatic rescue yesterday morning after a 41ft motorboat with three people on board hit rocks.

The lifeboat crew were called at 6.24am on Wednesday July 13 after the boat struck rocks just west of Black Head. RNLB Rose was launched at 6.34am and arrived at the scene at 6.42am.

When they arrived at the scene, the three people on board, including one with head injuries, had already abandoned the motorboat in a life raft as it sank rapidly.

The motorboat was semi-submerged and descending bow-first.

The boat was already taking on water when the lifeboat arrived. Photographs: Lizard RNLI & Terry Thirlaway.

“Use of the portable pump was initially considered, but arrival on scene was not deemed viable and priorities were the three injured in the life raft,” the station said in a Facebook post. .

“The small Y-boat was deployed with two lifeboat crew on board to assist the victims. They towed the life raft with the victims on board to the lifeboat where they were assessed before to board RNLB Rose.”

Once the casualties were on board, the Y-boat returned to the motorboat and attached the life raft to it to act as a temporary marker with a buff.

The Lizard lifeboat stands ready.  Photographs: Lizard RNLI & Terry Thirlaway.

The Lizard lifeboat stands ready. Photographs: Lizard RNLI & Terry Thirlaway.

“With one casualty sustaining a head injury and requiring immediate medical attention, the decision was made to take the injured to Coverack. There they were met by the Coastguard Rescue Team who rushed to take care of the wounded while waiting for the arrival of an ambulance.

“At this time, it was determined that another of the three people on board the casualty vessel had suffered a potential arm fracture and also required medical attention,” the lifeboat station spokesman said. .

“Once the injured were safely transferred to the care of the Porthoustock Coastguard Rescue Team, RNLB Rose returned to the scene. , by this time the motorboat had sunk and was unsalvageable by the lifeboat crews present.”


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The motorboat’s life raft was deflated and boarded the Falmouth ILB. RNLB Rose then collected any ‘flotsam’ that had come loose from the vessel and was also asked to assess and report any pollution that may have been caused by its sinking.

As the motorboat had drifted a short distance before sinking, Falmouth Coastguard was updated with the vessel’s new location and the lifeboat ‘buff’ was replaced with a more visible marker to help maritime traffic in the region.

Photographs: Lizard RNLI & Terry Thirlaway.