Drug Task Force Makes Large Fentanyl Seizure; The NAFRS Board retreat was effective; The Memorial Day Ceremony takes place on Monday mornings at Memorial Park

Fentanyl seized

The Cannon River Drugs and Violent Offenders Task Force announced Wednesday that it had made a large seizure of fentanyl.

On May 13, Faribault police conducted a traffic stop on a 2007 Cadillac STS belonging to Christopher James Page, a person known to the task force as a possible Fentanyl dealer, for a stop sign violation and a license plate. expired vehicle. During the stop, officers identified Payne as the driver and his girlfriend Kaley Maria Wethern as the passenger.

Payne admitted to having a canceled driver’s license and officers searched the vehicle. They found a 9mm handgun with a bullet in the chamber, a glass pipe containing methamphetamine residue, and a large quantity of blue and gray compressed fentanyl tablets. Payne and Wethern were placed under arrest for controlled substance crimes.

The market value of the fentanyl pills found in Payne and Wethern’s possession, if broken down and sold individually, would be $75,000.

Payne is facing charges in Rice County for 1st degree aggravated controlled substance felonies and prohibited persons in possession of a firearm. Wethern faces 1st degree and 5th degree charges of controlled substance felonies.

Cannon River Drugs and Violent Offenders Task Force Board Chair and Northfield Police Chief Mark Elliott said: “Fentanyl overdose deaths are at an all-time high in our local communities. The day-to-day work of task force officers and our local deputies and officers is so important to preventing overdose deaths, but we cannot do it alone. We need our friends and neighbors to report suspected drug trafficking to us… We also ask that if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please try to get help.

To get help for yourself or others, in Rice County you can call the Mobile Opioid Assistance Team (MOST) at (507) 299-0204 and nationwide you can You can call the Addiction and Mental Health Services Administration hotline at 1-800-662. -HELP (4357).

KYMN contributor Cait Kelley helped with this piece

The NAFRS Board of Directors works across differences

The Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Board recently completed a retreat which was to work on several different issues, and as Board Chairman Paul Liebenstein said, “get everyone on the same page.

Last year, an organizational report commissioned by consultant Barb Strandell described the NAFRS board of directors as dysfunctional. A joint board of directors, the group is assembled to represent Northfield, Dundas and the Rural Fire District which encompasses seven townships. Very often, according to the report, new members do not fully understand their role as board members, or the role of the board itself. The report suggested that a retreat be scheduled in order to address the many issues Strandell identified, and the board members agreed.

Acting Fire Chief Tom Nelson played down any perceived acrimony within the council, but said the retreat was a good place to have important conversations.

“To me, it’s analogous to – I mean, I love my siblings. We all love our brothers and sisters, don’t we? But sometimes we don’t always agree. In a Joint Powers group, everyone, by their very nature, is meant to come in with a different perspective. Thus, by making the group joint powers [get in the same room], it brought it all together. There were just a few things we needed to chop.

Nelson said the group tackled a long list of items, from the mundane discussion of the budgeting process to high-profile ideas such as establishing NAFRS as a tax district. The role of the council was discussed and defined in the historical context, and a discussion took place on the merits of functioning as a working council or a policy council. Much of the discussion focused on the history of the department itself, explaining the origin of the Rescue Squad, meeting the group’s need, and debating the need to maintain an ambulance license when the same guy of service is operated by the Northfield Hospital.

Another idea the group discussed was onboarding and training new board members. Liebenstein said there have been misunderstandings about how the board and the department work, and there is a clear need to improve the training new board members receive so they don’t “skip the first year trying to find out”.

Strandell’s report also strongly suggested the role of the fire chief by creating a full-time position. Nelson said the topic has been discussed, but a decision won’t be made until later in the year.

Jeff Johnson’s full conversation with NAFRS Chief Tom Nelson and Board Chairman Paul Liebenstain can be heard here

The in-person Memorial Day ceremony returns to Memorial Park on Monday

Monday is Memorial Day. More than the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is, of course, a time to remember those

who died while serving our country. Several ceremonies will be held throughout Rice County to honor those who have fallen.

In Northfield, after two years of remote services, the American Legion and VFW will host an in-person Memorial Day service at Veterans Memorial Park. The ceremony begins at 9 a.m. with an address by Legion Post 84 Commander Ray Ozmun and a reading of 44 Northfield and Dundas area veterans who have died in recent years. An honor guard will present the flag and a squad of riflemen will fire several shots in tribute to the deceased. A wreath will be laid on crosses used to designate each conflict in which American troops have fought. Local Scouts will distribute programs for participants to follow.

The guest speaker is Keith Beckwith, former pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Northfield and Air Force pastor. A bugler will play tap dancing to end the program. Although the city provides bleachers for the event, it is recommended that attendees bring folding chairs to sit on as bleachers fill up quickly.

After the ceremony, members of the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon organization in Northfield will provide lunch for attendees in the adjacent clubhouse at Riverside Lions Park.

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