East Ayrshire dad worries about ‘lava-like’ substance in nearby field

An East Ayrshire dad is “extremely concerned” about a field near his village where a “lava-like” substance is flowing underground.

The field, near the former caravan park, has been in this condition for more than three years, according to Patna’s Tam Paton.

The father-of-three says the Scottish Coal Board has erected fencing around the affected area, but it’s nowhere near enough to keep people and wildlife out.

The substance is believed to have come from an old coal mine.

But Tam fears the area appears to have been abandoned, with little work done in the past three years to improve the area.

Speaking about the issue, Tam said: “It’s a concern for wildlife and for people who go there with their dogs because if you don’t already know it’s there it’s not too obvious to see.

“The smell is powerful, but the real hole in the ground is well hidden until you’re right on it.

“I have three young boys and the eldest sometimes goes up to another part of this field with his friends, so it’s a concern of what might happen if something isn’t done.”

Tam, and the entire Patna community, want something done about this, so they can have peace of mind that the problem will not get worse.

Image – Tam Paton Facebook

Tam added: “I really think it’s gotten worse over the last three years.

“I got a message from someone in America saying something similar happened near a small town there and they had to evacuate the town.

“I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen here, but it would be nice to know that something is being done about it.

“When I posted a video on Facebook, a lot of people talked about it.

“Most people are well aware of that, and we just want something done about it.”

A spokesman for East Ayrshire Council said: “East Ayrshire Council first became aware of this issue last summer and have since continued to engage with the landowner ( FLS) and the Coal Authority as the relevant regulator for these issues arising from the former coal mine, to ensure continuity of management of the situation and to minimize any risk to public health and safety.

“In this regard, the council is aware that appropriate security measures have been put in place, including fencing around the affected area, but unfortunately this has since been removed by unknown persons, which is clearly not useful.

“The council will continue to engage with the parties involved to ensure that they fulfill their respective obligations, and in the meantime, would advise members of the public to avoid the affected area and would also ask them not to interfere with measures. which are, or could be put in place for their own protection.”

The Scottish Coal Board and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have also been contacted for comment.