Ector County Commissioners Discuss American Rescue Plan Act Money

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – As the coronavirus continues to spread, Ector County commissioners are deciding how the federal money will be distributed.

On Tuesday morning, commissioners heard eight different groups asking for a portion of the US bailout funds – and it wasn’t just hospitals.

Groups like the Odessa Volunteer Fire Department and the Ector County ISD as well as the ORMC and the Children’s.

Medical Center is asking for $ 7 million for medical equipment and hospital staff.

And in the county, some are calling for funds to be spent on infrastructure, such as roads and water.

The commissioners say they are looking at how best to prioritize federal funds with the needs of communities.

Greg Simmons, Commissioner for District Two, said the court would start listing but the decision would be difficult.

“We want to prioritize and make sure that most people are positively affected with money,” Simmons said. Again, healthcare is a vital part of our community and we want to make sure hospitals have the resources they need, but they also have different sources available too, so we can’t let that be our only one. objective because there are other areas like water in different areas of the city have become a mode of crisis. “

Commissioner Simmons said there was no real timeline, however, in about 90 days – the court could start thinking about how to spend the money.

Commissioners say Ector County has one year to declare where the funds will go.

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