EKY Animal Shelter discusses post-flood issues and how people can help

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – The Kentucky River Regional Animal Refuge (KRRAS) in Hazard serves Perry, Breathitt, Knott and Letcher counties, all of which were affected by the July flood.

“I’ve been a volunteer at the shelter for 11 years now and I’ve never seen it like it is now,” said Pam Blair, KRRAS Spay and Spay Coordinator. “It was really bad.”

Those with the shelter said they often reached overcapacity, but the flooding made the problem worse.

“Here recently it’s been pretty sad,” said shelter manager Allie Mullins. “People still have to return their pets because the people they’re staying with won’t let them keep them or the places they’ve found to rent won’t allow pets, and it’s hard to see families and pets. animals that have this link should be separated.

Those with the shelter said inflation had also contributed to more flood victims dropping off their animals.

“Every time you go to the store, the price of dog and cat food goes up,” Mullins said.

Shelter workers said they were lucky to have rescue groups and relief organizations volunteering, but they also need more local support.

“To help, of course, would be neutering and neutering your animals,” Mullins said. “We already have 20 to 40 animals arriving per day. It’s always a struggle to get everyone here taken care of. Volunteers make a huge difference.

Even though things were overwhelming after the flood, shelter staff continue to hope for things to get better.

“I think once people get into homes and things go back to normal, the population will come back to a manageable level,” Mullins said.

KRRAS and the Floyd County Animal Shelter recently received grants from PetSmart Charities and Petco Love to help with flood relief efforts.

People with KRRAS said they were lucky to receive donations immediately after the flooding, but they still need cat food and litter.