Fire department provides safety tips to help reduce fall and winter fires

Fire department provides safety tips to help reduce fall and winter fires

The Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is providing home fire safety tips to help residents stay safe this fall and winter.

During the colder months, the Service often sees an increase in house fires, often caused by chimneys, candles and families being more at home.

Will Newman, chief of prevention with the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, said: “If you have an open fire or wood stove, be sure to have your chimney swept and inspected by someone. appropriate trade.

“While a flickering candle may seem cozy, the open flame can quickly wreak havoc if the candle is left to burn unattended or too close to flammable surfaces like curtains.

“Make sure you blow out the candles every time you leave the room and keep them in secure racks away from curtains and other flammable items. Keep in mind that children or pets can easily knock over candles, so make sure they are placed out of reach.

“Our best tip this year is to swap your traditional candles for LED / battery-powered candles. It’s an inexpensive, safer, and renewable way to create the same atmosphere and have peace of mind.

“The colder weather usually makes us want to stock up on warm, comforting foods. But since half of all home fires start in the kitchen, it’s important to remove pots from the heat when you leave the room and use timers for cooking in the oven. “

The Service also urges people to make sure they have a working smoke detector on every floor of their home and to test it at least once a month.

The sound of smoke detectors going off can give you time to escape to the safety of your home and they regularly save lives. If you are sleeping or even if you are not at home, they can alert your neighbors and passers-by to a fire in your house.

Will added: “Please contact our home fire safety team if you or someone you know does not have a working smoke detector at home. We can give you advice over the phone on where to place. your smoke detectors and can arrange a free visit to your home to discuss the different fire hazards in your home and how you can reduce them.

You can book a home fire safety tour online at or by calling 0300 303 0088.

Last page update on September 28, 2021

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