Firefighters rescue a man from the Red River on Monday morning

A man was taken to hospital this morning after being found “struggling” in the Red River, according to the City of Winnipeg.

Around 6 a.m., Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) crews received a report of a man in the Red River in the Disraeli Bridge area. Witnesses reported that he struggled as he was carried north by the current.

WFPS and Winnipeg Police teams attended the scene, as well as strategic points along the river.

Crew members positioned along the river directed the WFPS water rescue team to the man’s location. Using specialist equipment, the water rescue team found the man north of Redwood Bridge and, just before 6.20am, brought him safely to shore in a boat.

Paramedics at the scene transported the man to hospital in stable condition.

The city noted that it does not know how the man entered the water or how long he was in the river.

In 2021, WFPS responded to approximately 150 water rescue calls.

The City of Winnipeg reminds residents of the following safety tips:

  • All waterways should be considered dangerous at this time;
  • High, fast moving waters should be avoided as they are dangerous, cold and may contain debris; and
  • Stay away from the banks of rivers and streams.

Children of all ages should be made aware of the dangers of river banks, streams, drainage ditches and retention ponds. Dog owners should keep their dogs on a leash when near waterways.