Firefighters rush to set fire to as historic Dundee building catches fire

Firefighters rushed to a blaze last night as a historic Dundee building caught fire.

The alarm was sounded shortly before 9:30 p.m. Saturday night amid reports of a fire at Sluice House in Clatto Country Park.

A fire engine was called in to fight hell as smoke billowed from the B-rated building last night.

The building – known locally as “The Round House” – is believed to have been badly damaged, the roof “completely gone”.

The local Friends of Clatto Facebook page wrote: “The round house on fire tonight.

“The firefighters were there. It’s a shame.

“This is a B listed building. It looks like the roof is completely gone.”

Residents were shocked by the blaze, with residents reporting smelling smoke in the area last night.

One said: “I wondered where the smoke was coming from last night, Laird Street was full of smoke.”

“I thought we could smell the smoke. What a pity,” added another.

No one was reportedly injured in the fire.

One resident commented, “Oh my God, who would do that? I smelled smoke last night but thought someone had a wood stove running?

It is not known how the fire started.

A spokesman for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: “A fire apparatus was mobilized at Sluice House in Clatto Country Park at 9.27pm on Saturday 17th July.”

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It is not yet known whether the fire, which went out around 10 p.m., is considered suspicious.

Scottish Police have been contacted for comment.

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