Firefighters visit Oak Mall after fearing emergency doors

FIRE Chiefs visited the Oak Mall following shoppers’ concerns that the fire escape doors were ‘closed’.

Worried shoppers have raised the alarm after ‘ties’ were seen attached to some of the fire doors at the West Blackhall Street entrance to the centre.

Images shared with the Telegraph by locals showed off a pair of Oak Mall fire doors with what members of the public described as “cable ties.”

A local who saw them told the TV they feared that the closed doors posed a risk.

They said: “One of the emergency exits was closed with cable ties when I was there.

“I don’t understand why an emergency exit would have something linked like that.

“That doesn’t seem appropriate for an escape door.”

When contacted by the TelegraphOak Mall bosses denied the doors had been secured with cable ties and said the product used was firefighter approved.

They added that the item did not pose a threat to buyers in the event of a fire.

The mall did not provide further details about the product used to hold the doors closed or why it was necessary to attach an item to the doors.

The TV understands that the fire department has been made aware of the matter and that a fire safety officer has attended the mall to provide advice.

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service local senior officer for Inverclyde, David McCarrey, said: “We strongly advise rights holders to contact our fire protection teams to discuss any questions relating to safety arrangements. fire at their premises.

“While managers have a legal responsibility to provide fire safety measures at their premises and businesses, our officers are always available to work in partnership to support this process with a view to improving fire safety awareness and ensuring public safety.”