Four young children killed in horror fire after 60 firefighters fought to save them from home hell

FOUR children died in a horrific fire in London this evening.

The toddlers – all believed to be related and under the age of five – were killed when a fire broke out at a property in Collingwood Road, Sutton, just before 7 p.m.


Children have died in a fire in southwest London this eveningCredit: Darren Fletcher
Police and firefighters are at the scene of the horror


Police and firefighters are at the scene of the horrorCredit: Darren Fletcher

The first hero firefighters on the scene were confronted with an “intense” fire all over the ground floor of the half-terrace house.

Despite hell, they bravely rushed inside and saved the little ones.

They then administered CPR on the street until the paramedics arrived.

However, all four children were pronounced dead when they were taken to hospital.

The blaze raged from 6:55 p.m. to 8:35 p.m., with 60 crew members called in to fight the flames.

The cause is not yet known and no arrests have been made.

London Fire Marshal Andy Roe said in a statement this evening those present were “numb” by the tragedy.


“This is an incident that has left everyone numbed with deep sadness,” he said.

“My thoughts are with the family and friends of the children, the entire local community and all who will be affected by this fire.

“The firefighters arrived quickly and located the children inside the property.

“They were taken out of the house and received immediate emergency care.

“The well-being of our staff involved in this incident is very important to us and all will be given advice as a priority. “

Met Police Superintendent Rob Shepherd said: “Everyone’s thoughts at the Southern Zone Unit of Command are with the family and friends of these four young children, who have suffered such a devastating and tragic loss. this evening.


“I know these feelings will be shared by the local community, Sutton and London as a whole.

“We are staying on site with our colleagues in the emergency services and will be working through the night and beyond.

“At this very early stage, the cause of the fire is unknown and will be investigated.”

Graham Norton, deputy director of operations at the London Ambulance Service, said resources including advanced paramedics, members of the hazardous area response team and two trauma teams were present.

“We treated four children there and took them to hospital,” he said.

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of four young children and to all affected by this devastating tragedy.


“Thank you to all the paramedics and to our fellow firefighters and police, who all worked tirelessly to try to save them.”

Residents warned the road was blocked at around 7.20pm – and dozens have now spoken of the “appalling” loss.

Speaking before the extent of the horror was known, one wrote: “Heartbreaking

“I really hope they all get there.

“I pray so hard that the children are fine.”

A neighbor wrote: “An ambulance has just passed with blue lights on.

“It’s so sad and unreal to see all the blue lights. So heartbreaking.”

Another resident said: “So sad.

“You can feel the burn in the air.”

Firefighters will receive advice to help them cope with the tragedy


Firefighters will receive advice to help them cope with the tragedyCredit: Darren Fletcher
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