Gold Nugget Day Parade Comes to Heaven – Chico Enterprise-Record

PARADISE — The 2022 Gold Nugget Day Parade featured 36 organizations as they streamed down the road, closing Skyway for miles as a crowd of hundreds lined the street to view the dozens of groups.

The event, which started at noon, lasted an hour and a half and was narrated by Action News Now’s Cort Clapping and Paradise Mayor Steve Crowder.

  • Gold Nugget Queen Rachael Brennan and her escort Aiden Luna headline the Paradise Gold Nugget Parade in Paradise, Calif., on April 23. (Kimberly Morales/Enterprise-Record.)

  • E Clampus Vitus Chapter 7-11 took down Paradise while participating in the Gold Nugget Parade in Paradise, California on April 23. (Kimberly Morales/Enterprise-Record.)

  • The Paradise Unified School District rode down Skyway during the Gold Nugget Parade in Paradise, Calif., on April 23. Paradise High School baseball coach Bryson Baker drives the float. (Kimberly Morales/Enterprise-Record.)

“It’s great to see everyone today. We’ve got great turnout on a great day,” Crowder said. this. Enjoy your day and here is our parade.

The parade was kicked off with the introduction of several Paradise authorities such as the Paradise Fire Department, Paradise Police Department and Butte County Upper Ridge Fire Rescue Department.

Shortly after, Gold Nugget Queen Rachael Brennan, her escort Aiden Luna and a court of finalists joined the parade in the “Miss Gold Nugget” float. Soon after, Phil Kelly, the Grand Marshal of Gold Nugget Days 2022 joined.

The last organization in the parade was the Devil Mountain Brigade, which closed the parade with a team of men and their black powder rifle team.

Parade entries were to be judged by a three-person panel who inspected each group for their colors and coordination with the 2022 Gold Nugget Day theme: “Our Golden Future,” said Mercy Schafer, the one of the judges and a resident of the town of Stirling.

The remaining judges included Paradise Unified School District administrator Melissa Crick of Magalia and Jen Goodlin of Paradise.

According to Mark Thorpe, the winner will be announced by Friday, April 29.