‘I need answers,’ insists Steve Clarke as he reveals investigation following shocking Ireland defeat and brushes aside criticism

STEVE CLARKE last night promised to launch an investigation in Scotland after Saturday’s horrific defeat in Dublin.

The under-fire boss wants answers after the Nations League 3-0 humiliation against the Republic of Ireland.


Steve Clarke insists he can turn things around in Scotland

The tartan army seethed in the Aviva stadium and booed the team.

Scotland face Armenia in Yerevan tomorrow with Clarke admitting: “We have to win there.

“It’s as simple as that now and maybe it’s ugly or pretty – but we have to win. ‘Must wins’ aren’t really in my vocabulary. But we have to bounce back from what has been another disappointment.

“For me, the most important thing is that we were disappointed against Ukraine, then we did well, then it’s disappointment again.

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“I have to analyze this and find out why it happened.

“I felt last Wednesday’s game was a good game for the players because they were able to dominate possession.

“But Ireland got a hold of us and we couldn’t handle it for some reason.

“So that’s what I have to go and watch.

“The result and the performance, nobody saw it coming.”

Skipper Andy Robertson insisted the Scottish players let Clarke down with their terrible display.

But the boss says he will NEVER slate their efforts and swore: “I support these players 100%.

“I support them 100% because they have been fantastic for the country.

“Those are two big shots but sometimes life isn’t always nice and simple.

“We’ll be back. They just have to dig in now and get a result in Armenia on Tuesday night. It’s just about winning.”

Not beating Armenia in Yerevan tomorrow night would put enormous pressure on Clarke.

He already has critics wondering if he’s the man for the job.

But last night the 58-year-old vowed to ignore the stick flying in his direction, adding: “I won’t hear it and I won’t read it. Is this the lowest I’ve felt No, I’ve been down before.

“I’ve been weak before and I never categorize highs and lows.”

Scottish fans who traveled to Dublin expressed their anger after the final whistle.

Clarke did NOT go to them but insists that it was not a snub.

He added: “I don’t usually go to the fans.

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“At Hampden I never go out and I don’t do any walks of honor of anything like that. I’ve only done that occasionally in away games.

“But I wanted to be at the side of the pitch to be with my players who come out.”

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