Kansas City area animal rescue plans to build 100 stand-alone dog houses for neglected animals this winter

BLUE SPRINGS, Missouri – Pawportunities Animal Rescue is asking the public to help keep the Kansas City area animals warm this winter.

Members hope to build 100 isolated dog houses for stray animals in the community.

CEO Carrie Siems said many animals die in the cold winter every year, but there aren’t many statistics that reflect those numbers because many animals are owned by their owners.

“We were trying to find a way to survive the winter and be more comfortable while still keeping them with their owners,” said Siems. “Because animals are considered property in the state of Missouri, we cannot just go out and pick up these animals and take care of them. “

Even if they could, local shelters are already packed. The simple act of moving abused animals can cause them psychological distress.

Pawportunities Animal Rescue’s solution ultimately came in two-by-four sheets – a secluded, self-contained dog house. Siems said every inch of their design was intentional.

“The windbreak will keep the wind out and through. It also prevents any moisture coming down, precipitation, whether it’s snow, rain or sleet, ”Siems said.

The structure is also taller than most dog kennels, raised off the ground and filled with straw to keep the heat inside. Their goal is to complete construction of 100 homes by December 31.

“Getting materials and volunteers – that’s the hardest part,” said volunteer Bradley Randolph.

70 houses have been built and will be planted throughout the community. The team will return to the sites every month to clean and feed the animals. Siems said she hopes the project will do more than just house the animals.

“When you grow up in a certain culture and you aren’t taught differently about the different ways of caring for animals, how do you know how to do it yourself? ” she said. “I think a lot of it is about trying to plant seeds and trying to teach people you know about good animal care.”

The group continues to build animal houses while raising funds and recruiting new volunteers through the program. Pawportunities Facebook page.

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