Kerala Police Rescue Abducted Child In Less Than Two Hours | Latest India News


A newborn baby kidnapped from Government Medical College hospital in Kottayam was rescued within two hours of the crime, a Kerala police official said on Friday.

The incident took place in the hospital gynecology clinic at around 3 p.m. Thursday when a woman dressed as a nurse allegedly asked mother P Aswathi to hand the child over to her to have the baby’s jaundice levels checked.

When the baby was not returned even after 30 minutes, Aswathi went to the hospital authorities to ask questions about it, after which the police were alerted.

“We immediately sealed the district border and scanned train stations, bus stations and private vehicles. While investigating the case, an eyewitness rickshaw driver informed that he saw a woman leave the hospital in a hurry, ”said the district police chief and police superintendent (SP) Dr. Shilpa.

The kidnapper, identified as Neethu Raj, and the child were arrested at a city hotel at 5 p.m., Shilpa said. She said the police officers who foiled the kidnapping in record time will be rewarded. Sub-Inspector TS Reneesh, who was part of the rescue team, was greeted with a standing ovation when he brought the baby back to the medical school hospital.

“The accused confessed to his crime. During the investigation, Raj said that she kidnapped the baby to blackmail her lover Ibrahim Badusha. After carrying out the crime, she shared the photos of the baby with Badusha and her relatives, claiming that she had given birth to the baby and Badusha was the father, ”the SP said, adding that Raj and Badusha had come into contact. last year via social media. Tik Tok media platform and had been sticking together for quite some time. The SP said the two fell apart when Badusha decided to get married elsewhere.

“She told us that Badusha took her money and did not return it. All the drama was played out to foil his marriage plan and live with him, ”the SP said, adding that Raj was pregnant earlier but had an abortion. She intended to make it look like she gave birth to the child in a private hospital in Ernakulam and chose an easy target at Kottayam University Medical Hospital.

The SP said she had been camping in a hotel near the hospital since January 4 and visited the hospital several times before committing the crime. Police say Raj, who already has an eight-year-old son from his first marriage, bought the nursing uniform from a medical supply store. The SP said Badusha had no role in the kidnapping, but a separate case will be filed against him for failing to return the money he took from Raj.

Meanwhile, describing the whole incident as a nightmare, Aswathi said, “I almost passed out after learning of the kidnapping. She was quite familiar on the ward and we all thought she was a nurse.

State Health Minister Veena George has also requested a report from medical school authorities on the matter.

George also visited the family on Friday evening. “In view of the incident, we will be stepping up security in all hospitals. Employees will have to carry their ID cards and more video surveillance will be installed, ”she said, adding that such an incident should not have happened in the first place.

Meanwhile, the SP said the entire team had been recommended for awards.

BLURB Charged woman dressed as a nurse and took the baby away under the guise of checking infant jaundice levels