Leopard rescued from a well in Sambalpur of Odisha using a wooden ladder

A team of officials from Odisha’s fire department and forest department managed to rescue a leopard that had fallen into a deep well in the state’s Sambalpur district. The quick action saved the animal unharmed and released it back into its natural habitat. Videos of the rescue operation shared by the Forestry Department on Twitter show officials attempting to hold the animal down to water level using a plank of wood and rope as they place a ladder in the well. Balancing on the wooden plank, the leopard uses the ladder to climb out of the well.

Sharing the video via Odisha Cheif Minister’s Office, Naveen Patnaik praised the efforts of the rescue team. “His the quick response from @OdishaFS_HGs_CD staff and @ForestDeptt officials who managed to rescue a leopard from a deep well at Rairakhol in #Sambalpur district. Appreciation for the timely operation which rescued the leopard in full security,” tweeted the CMO Odisha
Since it was uploaded on June 8, the video has received nearly three thousand views as well as several responses praising the efforts of the firefighters.

“A job well done,” wrote filmmaker Nilamadhab Panda in reaction to the video.

Watch other reactions here:

In a similar operation last year, officials from the Odisha Fire Department rescued a baby elephant from a 15ft deep pit in Mayurbhanj district of the state. The operation continued for more than four hours as the team dug a raised path to the well and allowed the elephant to climb out.

Many locals had gathered around the rescue site to witness the operation and the successful evacuation of the elephant was loudly applauded from the ground.

The baby elephant is believed to have been part of a herd that entered the Deuli forest range in Mayurbhanj from Jharkhand. The herd was passing through a village when the one-year-old calf accidentally fell into the open pit on Friday evening. The Forestry Department was informed of the incident by local villagers, after which a rescue team arrived to save the elephant.

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