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They are looking for a few good men … and women

January 2022 edition of Allegany magazine features tribute to volunteer fire and rescue companies

As the saying goes “they are looking for a few good men”. And also women.

The January 2022 edition of Allegany magazine honors and shines a spotlight not only on the volunteers of the region’s fire and rescue teams, but also the need for more – and more volunteers in the community at large. .

“It’s a whole new year and in the new year we often make resolutions to help and get more involved in our community and at Allegany Magazine we couldn’t think of a better time to feature the hard working and dedicated volunteers to our local fire and rescue businesses, ”said Shane Riggs, editor of Allegany Magazine, a sister publication of the Cumberland Times-News.

“I grew up in Ellerslie. And in Ellerslie, two things seemed to define the social and civic structure of the city: the churches and the Ellerslie Volunteer Fire Company. When I was a kid, if I wasn’t in the church fellowship hall for a community event, we would hang out in the fire hall, ”said Riggs. “From wedding receptions and chicken barbecues to Trick or Treat programming to a holiday parade, the local fire station set the stage for much of what was just fun growing up in a small town. ”

Riggs said the theme for the January 2022 issue was inspired by two local paramedics after his own medical alert two years ago.

“One of the paramedics who came to my aid then told me that the local fire and rescue units – especially those that had volunteers – needed recruits – younger men and women, stronger and more motivated. They needed people who were passionate about serving and saving their communities, ”he said. “As the magazine forecasts months and sometimes even a year in advance, I put the subject on the ‘burner’ for 2020 – but the pandemic had other plans. And here we are, with the edition that I promised these two great paramedics that we would do. “

The edition features a local fire and rescue volunteer on the cover. Kristen Smith, 19, joined Barton Hose Company Number One about a year ago. She is currently an Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Ambulance Driver.

“I’m working diligently to help get our ambulance out in an emergency. I have various internal tasks such as cleaning and maintaining the ambulance as well as our station. At BHC I’m currently a firefighter in training helping the business and the community in any way I can, ”said Smith. “I have a huge passion for helping others in times of need, and I can do it whenever I step on an ambulance or fire apparatus. “

The featured photo for the cover of Allegany magazine for January 2022 was taken by Robert Bower of Robert Bower Productions. This is Bower’s first cover photo with the magazine. It is also a subject close to the heart of the photographer. Bower volunteers for the Corriganville Volunteer Fire Company.

“I spend a lot of my free time volunteering as an EMS provider at the Corriganville Volunteer Fire Department,” Bower says. “I love my fellow volunteers and being able to help people in the community. I feel called to help others and volunteering is something that has been able to be my platform to show kindness and care to those in need of help. It’s never too early or young. Everywhere, volunteer positions need help. I encourage everyone to participate in their local EMS system.

Other features of the upcoming edition include an “In Memoriam” tribute to Kelly Frye; look back at the heyday of the Celanese factory; adopt pets from local animal shelters; Mountain Maryland Search and Rescue Team; and Albert Einstein’s vacation at Deep Creek Lake at the suggestion of a friend in Allegany County.

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