Lucky third time! Northamptonshire fire chief announces retirement plan again

Northamptonshire Fire Chief Darren Dovey has said he plans to finally retire later this year – on the THIRD attempt – after 35 years in the fire service.

He confirmed his intention to step down in October as soon as possible to give Mr Mold time to recruit a replacement.

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Fire Chief Darren Dovey announced plans to retire in October

Mr Dovey said: ‘It has been an absolute privilege to lead the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service through very difficult times with the former County Council and to lead the work which has given the service stability at from which he has ensured that he is fit to meet the challenges. to keep the community safe in the future.

“I feel very lucky to have spent my career doing something I love and which is so strongly supported by the public. Keeping people safe is a calling and it has been a very rewarding role.

“I am very grateful to have worked with people over the years who share this passion for serving their community and I am confident that I will leave the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service in a strong position to take the next steps. which he must take.”

Mr. Dovey is also chair of the Local Resilience Forum, which coordinates the county’s response to major emergencies, including the pandemic, and held in high regard by all of the county’s more than 500 firefighters and full-time and on-call staff. .

He was born in London but has lived in Northampton since the age of seven, growing up and going to school in the Thorplands area. He joined Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue in 1987 and transferred to London Fire in 1999 before moving in 2008 as Area Manager.

During his career he worked on the Windsor Castle fire, was in Russell Square as part of the response to the 7/7 bombings in London and attended the Buncefield Oil Depot fire near the M1 in Hertfordshire.

Fire Marshal Stephen Mold admitted: “Darren will be big shoes to fill.

“I am very grateful for the leadership Darren has shown and the determined way in which he overcame considerable financial and organizational challenges.

“I have been consistently impressed with her determination to make our fire department an effective organization that truly responds to the needs of the community and places the safety of the public and its personnel at the heart of everything it does.

“That was made very clear during the pandemic when Darren ensured the Fire and Rescue Service stepped up to support other agencies while focusing on their day-to-day work.”