Magoffin County Rests to Rest Beloved Rescue Team Captain

SALYERSVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) – Mourning swept through Magoffin County as the community put to rest a man who has dedicated his life to serving others.

Carter Conley, 71, founded the Magoffin County Rescue Team in 1974 and served as its daily captain thereafter.

He died on September 12 after a weeks-long battle with COVID-19. Conley was fully vaccinated.

“We expected him to come out because he was better and stuff and then all of a sudden he took a bad turn,” said Billy Shepherd, a longtime friend and team sergeant. Magoffin County Rescue Center.

Friends, family and loved ones gathered at Magoffin County High School on Thursday for Conley’s funeral.

“He’s a great family man. Loved his family, loved his friends. He was always by my side and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better friend, ”said Salyersville City Mayor Pete Shepherd, who had been friends with Conley for 51 years.

A trumpeter played tap dancing as the bearers carried the coffin. The funeral procession was driven by emergency vehicles representing all of the organizations through which Conley had served his community.

At the site of the Magoffin County Rescue Squad, a helicopter flew over in honor of Conley.

“He lived and breathed Magoffin County,” said Pete Shepherd.

“I think when you think of Carter, you think of a servant and I think if we come to the end of our lives and people think of us like we think of Carter, then we’ve lived a blessed life,” Justin Williams said. , one of Conley’s friends.

Throughout his life, Conley was also a teacher and a member of the volunteer fire department.

Williams said Conley touched countless lives in the process.

“Hebrews 11 says there are people this world was not worthy of and Carter is one of those people,” Williams said.

“In the coming weeks in Magoffin County and the team, we’re going to realize what we’ve lost and he’s a real hero,” said Billy Shepherd.

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