Meet the Team Commander of the CFB Esquimalt Medium Search and Rescue Team

Team Commander – Glenn Cooper.

SLt Wilson Ho,
The Musar team

The Medium Urban Search and Rescue (MUSAR) team from CFB Esquimalt completed their monthly training during the last week of August at the Emergency Response Training Operations Center, formerly known as of USAR Training Compound, near the Naval Officer Training Center (NOTC) Venture.

This month, the team maintained their mastery of the DELSAR Urban Search and Rescue kit, a seismic/acoustic listening device used to detect and locate trapped victims. The team also used the SearchCam 3000, an articulated, extendable and waterproof search and rescue camera to help searchers locate victims trapped in buildings and collapsed spaces.

Preparations have been made for the base disaster response courses scheduled to run from September 12-30 in preparation for Shake-Out British Columbia, which takes place in late October.

In addition to the training, the team is launching a segment featuring members of CFB Esquimalt’s MUSAR team to highlight their experiences and technical expertise. This month we met with Glenn Cooper, the MUSAR team commander from CFB Esquimalt.

What are your main responsibilities as a team leader?

As the only full-time employed member of the MUSAR team at CFB Esquimalt, my primary responsibility is to ensure that the team is properly trained and equipped to respond to any emergency as directed by the Commanding Officer base or Joint Task Force (Pacific) (JTF(P)) Commander.

How long have you been on the team?

I have been part of the MUSAR team since 2001. I have held all positions including Rescue Squad, Rescue Team Leader and Operations Chief. I was promoted to team leader in 2008.

How long have you worked/been part of the Defense Team?

I have worked for the Department of National Defense since January 1989.

Where did you learn technical expertise for urban search and rescue?

I am passionate about the technical intricacies of urban search and rescue. I earned my Urban Search and Rescue Specialist certification from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

What has been one of your most memorable experiences as an urban search and rescue specialist?

I was deployed with an outside agency in Mexico City after the 2017 earthquake.

If a member wants to join the MUSAR team at CFB Esquimalt, where to start?

We are actively recruiting more CAF members. We train 20 days a year, the last Wednesday of each month, except December, and we have two weeks of training each year. No prior qualifications or experience are needed to join the team.

Interested CAF members can go to the DWAN, search the CFB Esquimalt MUSAR intranet page and submit their nominations (with chain of command clearance) via email to the staff listed on the webpage or to me.