Missing Cairngorms hiker ‘left messages in snow’ for mountain rescue teams

A hiker reported missing in the Cairngorms has left clues in the snow to help mountain rescue teams find him.

Mountain rescue teams from Braemar and Cairngorms were called on Monday after a 40-year-old man went missing.

The man had been unable to reach Aviemore on Sunday as he had planned due to high winds and had taken refuge in a mountain.

This morning, the mountain rescue teams who had been deployed were able to locate him after spotting his name in the logbook of the two, and saw his name and arrows drawn in the snow.

The Braemar Mountain Rescue Team said the man was well equipped and had left a detailed route plan with his family showing where he would hike and camp in the lower Cairngorms glens.

With no mobile reception at Corrour Bothy, the hiker had done his best to tell rescuers where he was heading.

The weather conditions meant that the signs he had left were thankfully not covered by more snow.

His clues, which were drawn using a walking stick, also meant rescuers could stop looking in another area and focus on where the arrows were pointing.

Rescue teams were withdrawn after the man managed to reach Braemar, where the first person he encountered was a member of the local mountain rescue team.

The man is now confirmed to be safe and sound.