Montana Tech hosts mine rescue event in Butte

BUTTE – Mining is all about scavenging valuable ore, but sometimes miners have to scavenge something else that’s valuable – human life. And that’s where mine rescue comes in.

“The most important thing to come out of every mine is the miner because without the miner you have no production and there’s no point if you can’t do something safely,” Cooper Knoll said, Montana Tech alumnus and geological engineer.

Montana Technology launched its Mine Rescue Competition event which brought together three mining schools from the region. Members of Colstrip’s Rosebud Mine Rescue Team held a demonstration of rescuing an injured man from a headframe. Montana Tech Mining Professor Scott Rosenthal played the injured man.

“I had the easy part, I just had to keep my arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, so it was really smooth and comfortable. These guys know what they’re doing. I never had a problem at all, ”said Rosenthal.

Even though there was a tense moment at the start.

“I know, I’m not really the biggest fan of heights, which is weird because I’m usually the one who does that, but it’s not too bad once you get past the threshold,” he said. said Cameron Ator, a member of the Rosebud Mine Rescue Team.

This is the first time that Montana Tech has organized this event.


Montana Technology launched its mine rescue competition in which three mining schools in the region participated. Members of Colstrip’s Rosebud Mine Rescue Team held a demonstration of rescuing an injured man from a headframe.

“This is a great networking opportunity for the students, the people you meet here, you can potentially find yourself on a professional mine rescue team,” Knoll said.

Alec is with South Dakota School of Mines, he wears a Draeger BG4, he’s a breathable apprentice that he wears on his back, so if he’s going to find himself in a situation where he has to wear this, there is definitely trouble and it’s dangerous, you want these guys and girls on your side if you get in trouble in a mine.

“You know we are all workers, we know the mine better than anyone, so we know exactly where to go, the best way to get there and we care because they are our colleagues,” said the captain. Clint Gonzales of Rosebud Mine Rescue.

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