Mountain Rescue Volunteer and GP Receive Distinguished Service Award for Work During Pandemic

A mountain rescue volunteer and general practitioner received a Distinguished Service Award from the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association for her work during the pandemic.

As a doctor, Paula Cook has been on the front lines to protect patients from the pandemic – but as a mountain rescue volunteer, the safety of her friends has also fallen on her shoulders.

Paula worked to help keep Langdale and Ambleside’s team safe during covid – but it was one obstacle after another.

She said: “We were looking at new types of personal protective equipment at a time when there were shortages nationwide and yet are doing so in a way that in no way affects the supply of services. of the NHS.

“Large paper coveralls and paper masks and respiratory masks and gloves are appropriate in a clinical setting, but they don’t necessarily translate too well to for example being on top of Harrison Stickle on a very busy day. windy and wet. “

Its efforts have enabled the team to rescue more than 60 people since last March.

Sarah Anderson, Deputy Team Leader at Langdale and Ambleside MRT, said: “Paula kind of gave us confidence with her knowledge.

“If we know what we’re doing to keep ourselves safe and what our options are, it kind of helped everyone really keep moving forward and stay positive and knowing that we were doing the most, the best that we could. do under the circumstances, which were difficult for everyone. “

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