My nightmare neighbor kicked me out of my house… but she was allowed to STAY – it’s so unfair

A WOMAN says she was kicked out of her home by her nightmare neighbor – but the neighbor was unfairly allowed to stay.

Nicola Wilde, 44, says she has been through years of hell with her neighbor but fears for her life since the woman set fire to his door.


Nicola Wilde says she’s too scared to live at home because of her nightmarish neighbor1 credit
Nicola said she had endured years of torment from her neighbour, but was terrified after a fire broke out on her doorstep.


Nicola said she had endured years of torment from her neighbour, but was terrified after a fire broke out on her doorstep.Credit: MEN Media

Nicola says she’s been begging her Manchester housing group to evict neighbor Nora Ward, but they won’t – so she herself has moved 40 miles away in the meantime.

Ward, 62, was sentenced last month to 15 months behind bars for arson with intent to endanger his life.

But her sentence was suspended for two years, so she still remains in the building complex.

Long-running tensions between the pair came to a head in May when Ward was caught by CCTV “carrying something on fire” before dropping him off at the block’s common entrance.

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Manchester Crown Court heard the door was the only exit for people in the block, and two fires had already been put out before the crime.

And Nicola isn’t the only resident affected – other people living on Wythenshawe Community Housing Group property have spoken of their fear of being killed by Ward’s actions.

Nicola said: “She set the front door on fire and now she is allowed to come back and live there.

“I was told she was considering five years but she was released and my front door is still not fixed. I feel trapped in my own property and scared to live there .

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“My sanity has exploded. I spent every day talking about housing and it’s exhausting.

“I have to live with my partner 40 miles away.”

When Ward appeared in court, it was learned that she had engaged in antisocial behavior “in and around” Nicola’s home.

It was also heard that Ward had caused £1,500 in damage and had previously started fires in the common hallway and doorstep.

However, she claimed that she did not remember what happened because she had been drinking.

Another neighbor’s victim impact statement was read out in court.

It read: “The fires that have been started are getting closer to my property, I’m afraid mine will be set on fire which would put me and my family at risk.

“It could end up killing someone by its actions. It needs to stop before it gets too far.”

We are committed to making our customers feel safe at home and taking these issues seriously.

SpokespersonWythenshawe Community Housing Group

Speaking this week, Nicola said the door damaged by Ward had still not been repaired.

She said: “It should have been done already, how can I reside in my property when the communal gate is broken?

“I know she has bail conditions, but that doesn’t improve my mental health.

“It’s been going on since before 2016 and I’ve asked to move so many times and it still hasn’t happened.”

A spokesperson for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group said: “We are aware of the ongoing dispute between Ms Wilde and her neighbor Ms Ward.

“After Ms Ward’s release from prison, we are liaising with the police and probation services to ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place.

“This will include the replacement of the damaged common door which has unfortunately been delayed due to supply chain issues.

“In addition, Ms Wilde has received support from our wellbeing team and we support her request to be relocated to another area.

“We are committed to making our customers feel safe at home and taking these issues seriously.”

CCTV showed Nora Ward 'carrying something on fire' and leaving him at the gate of the complex


CCTV showed Nora Ward ‘carrying something on fire’ and leaving him at the gate of the complexCredit: MEN Media