Nick Nairn shares devastating photos of burnt down restaurant as he teases rebuilding

Celebrity Scottish chef Nick Nairn has shared ‘grim’ photos from inside a restaurant that burned down last summer – as he revealed rebuilding was on the horizon.

The 63-year-old Bridge of Allan restaurant caught fire in late August 2021.

It is believed that a fire started in a faulty fryer in the kitchen before tearing the whole complex apart.

Miraculously, staff and guests escaped unscathed despite the fire breaking out during a busy shift.

In a tweet sent out early Monday evening, Nick revealed he had returned to the scene to remove the handful of items that had not been destroyed by the inferno and shared photos of the burnt interior.

The interior of Nick Nairn’s burnt-out Bridge of Allan restaurant

Images show that little had been spared from the fire, with the interior blackened with smoke. A few metal pots seemed to be the only salvageable gear.

And the chef also revealed he intends to start rebuilding the restaurant as soon as possible after local planners signed a permit to demolish the destroyed building.

He wrote: “A spooky afternoon removing the few salvageable items from Nick’s BofA, before the rear building was demolished.

“On the positive side, we finally have a construction mandate and we hope that the reconstruction work can begin soon.”

Nick Nairn says Bridge of Allan restaurant will be rebuilt
Nick Nairn says Bridge of Allan restaurant will be rebuilt

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Nick – who made a name for himself as the youngest Scottish chef to win a Michelin star in the 1990s – still operates another restaurant under his Nick’s brand in the Stirlingshire village of Port of Menteith.

Her cooking school, also in Port of Menteith, closed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and was recently damaged by flooding.

He also cooks menus for the swanky Hilton Doubletree Dunblane Hydro hotel and has appeared on shows like Ready Steady Cook and Landward.

The return of the Bridge of Allan restaurant was promised almost immediately after the fire, and a statement on Nick’s website affirms the restaurateur’s determination to reopen the venue.

It reads: “We are so proud of the bravery of our entire team, who showed a force we could never have expected, and evacuated a restaurant at full capacity in less than 90 seconds.

“We are closed on Henderson Street for the foreseeable time, but we miss our lovely little village terribly.

“We cannot thank our entire community and beyond for all the kind words and support. We are truly honored to know such wonderful people.

“We’ll be back, we promise. We have to rebuild and restart, but we can’t wait to welcome you back in 2022.”

Few things were left untouched in the fire at the Bridge of Allan restaurant
Few things were left untouched in the fire at the Bridge of Allan restaurant

Nick recently told fellow TV chef James Martin that 2021 has been one of the toughest years he’s had.

Speaking on an edition of James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen in March, he said: “The restaurant in Bridge of Allan burned down. Within about five minutes of starting it was well on fire.

“We were in the other restaurant and they phoned and said ‘We’re not going to lie, it’s not good.’

“Launch a pretty biblical flood and it was the perfect storm. We had to adapt and 2022 has to be better.”

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