November is “Senior Pet Adoption Month”

Save a life and make yours better by providing a home for an older dog during National Adopt a Senior Pet Month in November. Many senior dogs are waiting in shelters right now, hoping to be part of a family again.

Puppies are cute, but older dogs are adorable, usually fluffier, and house-trained too. With an older dog, what you see is what you get in size and personality.

Your act of kindness could also benefit you. A dog can help relieve loneliness and isolation. Going for walks together is a great way to exercise and meet new friends. The simple act of petting a dog lowers blood pressure.

The Gray Muzzle Organization, a national nonprofit that gives grants to animal welfare groups to help save senior dogs, envisions a world where senior dogs thrive and no old dog dies alone and scared. Help us make this dream come true by opening your heart and home to an older dog.

During “Adopt a Month for Older Pets,” many shelters and rescue groups waive or reduce adoption fees. To find your new best friend, simply search online sites like or, or visit a shelter or shelter near you.

NorCal Boxer Rescue, headquartered in Davis, has some wonderful older dogs ready to come home, including dogs like Princess. When you adopt a senior dog from NorCal Boxer Rescue, you will receive financial support of up to $ 1,000 after the adoption. These funds can be used to cover veterinary expenses for your new senior best friend.

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