Outrage as Scottish firestarter returns to flats he burned down after serving half his prison sentence

A firestarter who burned down his own flat has been allowed to return to the building – after being released from jail following the blaze.

Neighboring families have denounced the decision to let Eric Black, 32, return home.

And young families are said to have been told to declare themselves homeless if they want to be kept away from the thug.

Black is back in the tower after serving only half his prison term.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard Black burn down his house after neighbors in Drury Lane Court, East Kilbride reported him for playing loud music.

Police broke down the door after he threatened to set the place on fire, then set fire to his bedding and other items.

Black was jailed for 15 months in October for the June 7 incident.

A neighbor said: “It’s shocking. We were only informed of this three weeks ago and since then we have been trying to prevent his return.

“Families with children have been offered to leave their properties and present themselves as homeless to be placed elsewhere in temporary flats.

“The other neighbors weren’t offered that.”

South Lanarkshire Council sources say local authorities had no choice but to let him return.

One said: ‘He is a council tenant and has a legal right to return home.

A council spokesperson said: ‘The council is working with key partners, including Police Scotland, to manage and closely monitor the concerns that have been raised at Drury Lane Court.

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