Paramedics and a group of walkers came to the rescue to help the cyclist

Two paramedics and a group of young walkers came to the rescue to help a cyclist who broke his arm after falling from a bicycle into a tank.

The man broke his arm after the accident on Friday in Piethorne Reservoir, New Hey.

A group of volunteers from the Duke of Edinburgh’s program, a rewards program for 14-24 year olds, sounded the alarm after the crash, calling emergency services at the scene.

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Paramedics contacted the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) to help get the man to safety, and 13 team members responded.

Rob Tortoishell, head of OMRT, said: “When we arrived at the scene, the man was assisted by two paramedics on leave, who had given him initial medical assistance.

“We took over, with our caregiver assessing and treating the injured, before he was packed onto our stretcher and into the Land Rover for the ride to the ambulance.

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“Thank you and well done to the Duke of Edinburgh’s group who helped sound the alarm, and to the men who carried out the initial treatment and stayed with the victim until we arrived.

“We wish the victim all the best for a speedy recovery. “

In addition to helping the injured man, OMRT was also asked to help a pair of stranded walkers, who had become stranded on the steep Birchen Clough trail.

Four members of the team came to their rescue and helped the couple return to Greenfield Reservoir.

Mr Tortoishell added: “Although they were not injured, we deployed four members of our team to assist the two men in case they had additional problems trying to get out of their predicament and we escorted them to the main trail at Greenfield Reservoir.

“As a rescue service, we are happy to help anyone in distress.

“We do not judge our victims and respectfully ask our supporters to act the same. Let’s keep things positive.”

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