Perth and Kinross Council under fire after employee says LGBT activists want age of consent lowered

Three equality charities filed a complaint with the Perth and Kinross Council after an employee claimed LGBT organizations were campaigning to lower the age of consent for children by 10.

Pink Saltire, Perthshire Pride and PKAVS Third Sector Interface forwarded the letter to Acting PKC Managing Director Barbara Renton and Board Chief Murray Lyle on April 12.

All three groups have now pulled out of tie work with the council for a month in protest. Charities believe the alleged slander “endangers the positive reputation around equality that the council and its partners have worked so hard to cultivate in recent years.”

The case concerns an employee who was found to have made allegations against LGBT organizations at a political conference during the Scottish Parliament elections. The employee was making the comments in a personal capacity at an online party.

The same employee was also linked to calls for funding from LGBT organizations, refuting the “queer theory”.

On June 24, 11 weeks after the initial concern was raised, the Perth and Kinross Council said they had upheld the complaint, as long as they confirmed what had been said, and that it was false.

The three charities are now asking for further action, including an apology and retraction from the employee in question.

In a joint statement released Thursday, July 1, charities said: “It is disappointing to us that an employee of the Perth and Kinross Council, especially one who plays such a key role in working with families and communities , espouses such a dangerous rhetoric that contradicts the values ​​of dignity and respect enshrined in our common community plan.

“In developing this plan, community partners agreed that promoting equality and supporting those protected by equality legislation is a key priority.

“We remain concerned that the lack of accountability of this person presents a real risk of seriously undermining the local partnerships which have undertaken positive work around equality in recent years, and we feel a responsibility towards our stakeholders and beneficiaries,” in the third sector and our local communities. communities, to convey to Perth and Kinross Council the seriousness of this problem.

“We have therefore decided to withdraw from the equality work with Perth and Kinross Council for a period of 30 days.

“We note the council’s intention to review the complaints process to ensure a more efficient system in the future, and we look forward to working with them to rethink this process. However, PKC’s response on this occasion, and in particular the time it took to provide this response, casts significant doubt on the ability of the Perth and Kinross Council to protect LGBT people, and others, from the emotional distress.

In response, a spokesperson for the PKC said: “We do not comment on individual staff members. Perth and Kinross Council is committed to promoting equality and providing fair and inclusive services for all of our citizens.

“We remain committed to working with the people of Perth and Kinross and organizations like Pink Saltire, Perthshire Pride and PKAVS to fight discrimination and promote better human rights. ”

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