Police identify teenagers injured in jet ski accident | Jefferson County

CLAYTON – State Police on Saturday identified four teenagers involved in a jet ski crash off Grindstone Island.

State Police said Trevor Dziedzic, 15, from Barneveld, Oneida County, was riding a Yamaha Waverunner with Christopher Sirano, 14, from Rome, Oneida County, as a passenger, when it crashed into another, idling in 1995. Yamaha Waverunner.

This idling jet ski was operated by Ethan Laurin, 17, of Cicero, Onondaga County, with Kara Schloicka, 14, of Kiamesha Lake, Sullivan County, as a passenger.

According to witness reports to police, Trevor was heading towards Ethan’s jet ski and as he got closer he attempted a maneuver to avoid a collision, which was unsuccessful. The jet skis collided and Ethan and Christopher were thrown from their respective jet skis into the water.

Passers-by took all the wounded onto a boat and took them ashore.

Trevor was airlifted by the US Army Medivac to the Ustate University Hospital with internal injuries.

Kara and Ethan were taken to River Hospital by the Thousand Islands Emergency Rescue Service for non-life threatening injuries. Christophe was not injured.

The soldiers said their investigation into the incident was ongoing.

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