Police release details of man’s drowning with officers nearby

TEMPE, Ariz. (Arizona’s Family/Gray News) – Arizona police have released body camera footage and a transcript related to a recent incident in which a man died after jumping into a lake with officers on the premises.

The Arizona Family reports a 12-minute video showing officers talking to a man, later identified as Sean Bickings, and another woman near the City of Tempe Arts and the City of Tempe Lake on May 28.

The video begins with Bickings sitting on a bench. An officer stays with Bickings, while two others walk towards a woman who says she is Bickings’ wife. The woman told police she had an argument, but insisted that everything was fine.

Minutes later, Bickings is seen on video climbing over a bar and walking to the lake, saying, “I’m going for a swim.” An officer tells Bickings he can’t swim in the lake.

Police transcripts Let’s say an officer then asked Bickings what his plan was, and the man replied, “I’m going to drown.” I am going to drown.

An officer then tells Bickings to swim to the pylon. Bickings says he can’t, and the officer responds, “OK, I’m not jumping after you,” according to the transcript.

The transcript continues with Bickings asking the officers to help him and the woman telling the officers to save him. An officer then tells the woman that another officer is going to get a boat.

According to the transcript, the woman said, “I’m just distraught because he’s drowning right in front of you, and you won’t help me.” An officer then says that Bickings hasn’t come for about 30 seconds.

Police say Bickings was pulled from the water by the Tempe Fire and Rescue team and pronounced dead.

Officials say Bickings was trying to evade arrest due to various mandates.

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