Pune fire team rescue worker trapped in debris


A worker who fell while renovating a building in Kalyaninagar was rescued by a Pune fire team

By Nadeem Inamdar


Pune: A team of firefighters from Pune from the Yerawada fire station on Wednesday rescued a worker who got stuck in debris at a construction site in Kalyaninagar.

The worker fell while renovating a building in Kalyaninagar and quickly found himself covered in debris. His colleagues tried to rescue him for two hours, but their efforts were unsuccessful. They later alerted the Pune fire department. A team from the Yerawada fire station rushed to the scene and rescued him.

According to fire officials, the incident occurred during the renovation of the Sugra Terrace building. The earth collapsed and the worker was buried. Firefighters rescued him and transferred him to hospital for treatment. The rescue team included Ganesh Parate, Vasant Kad, Sunil Kharabi and Ratan Raut. Fire Chief Prashant Ranpise said: “We reached the location and immediately started the rescue operation in accordance with our Save the Lives protocol. We used special excavation equipment to excavate the debris and saved his life. Our entire team did their best for the success of the rescue mission.



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